EA Reportedly Attempted to Sell Itself to Apple

EA Reportedly Attempted to Sell Itself to Apple

A report about Comcast CEO Brian Roberts’ attempt to merge NBC with the game publisher reveals that EA has been seeking a merger with other companies and that Apple flirted with the idea of buying the game publisher.

Apple has a history of buying other companies, allowing them to expand its employee and knowledge base, and allowing them to move quickly into new markets.

In a piece discussing how Comcast CEO Brian Roberts attempted to court EA CEO Andrew Wilson for a potential merger of EA and NBCUniversal, Puck sources claim talks with other suitors also took place, including Apple, Disney, and Amazon.

Apple, Amazon, and Disney have all declined efforts to get them to comment on the story.

It is said that EA has been actively pursuing a sale. As part of the negotiations, sources say that EA is keen to be part of a merger that “would allow Wilson to remain as chief executive of the combined company.”