Apple Watch Series 8 Might Be Able to Detect if a User Has a Fever

Apple Watch Series 8 Might Be Able to Detect if a User Has a Fever

Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will boast a new built-in sensor to alert a wearer if there is a possibility that they have a fever, due to the Watch detecting a high than normal body temperature. This, according to Bloomberg’s knowledgeable Mark Gurman, in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter

Gurman says that the ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ will feature a new body temperature sensor, given that the sensor passes Apple’s internal testing. Gurman says, that he believes the sensor is “a go” for both the standard Series 8 and a new “rugged model” designed for athletes.

The Apple Watch will not provide a direct reading of a user’s current body temperature. Instead, it will instead alert users if it believes they have a fever.

You can expect some new health-tracking features in this year’s Apple Watch. In April, I reported that Apple has been aiming to add body-temperature detection to its Series 8 model, assuming the capability passes muster during internal testing. I now believe the feature is a go for both the standard Apple Watch Series 8 and a new rugged edition that’s aimed at extreme sports athletes.

Gurman said back in January that the internal chatter about an Apple Watch Series 8 with a body temperature sensor had slowed. Apparently, development of the feature continued.