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iPhone 14 Pro Owners Complaining of ‘Slow’ Camera App

iPhone 14 Pro Owners Complaining of ‘Slow’ Camera App

The issues just keep on coming for Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro lineup. Some owners are reporting issues with the Camera app. Multiple users have complained about the Camera app taking several seconds to load when it is opened

Affected users are seeing the Camera app take four to five seconds to activate after the Camera app icon is tapped. The problem occurs after the camera has been opened once already.

From MacRumors reader Sephiroth0:

I have the same issue with my iPhone 14 Pro (non Max). When restarting the phone and starting the camera app the camera turns on immediately. After closing and opening the camera app it always takes 4 – 5 seconds for the camera to turn on. I’ve tested other apps using the camera and there it it turns on instantly. I assume this is a SW bug.

Users are not seeing the issue occur if the Camera app has been manually closed and reopened, or after a software restart. It only seems to occur when the Camera app has been running in the background. Not all users report seeing the problem. The complaints are primarily from ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ and Pro Max users, and it occurs in all photo modes.

Users report that the issue is limited to the Camera app and does not affect third-party camera apps. The issue also does not rear its ugly head when the Camera app is set to video mode instead of photo mode.

The iOS 16.0.1 update doesn’t appear to fix the issue, and restarting the iPhone does not provide a permanent fix, and neither does factory resetting the device.

This is the second camera-related issue reported with the iPhone 14 Pro, as iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users report an issue where the devices’ rear camera’s lens vibrates uncontrollably in third-party apps that include camera functionality, including Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, resulting in shaky video. An Apple spokesman says a fix is set to come out next week.

Much like the shaky video issue, the slow opening issue with the Camera app is likely a software issue and will be fixed in an upcoming update.