Apple to Release iOS 16 Update Next Week With Multiple Fixes

Apple to Release iOS 16 Update Next Week With Multiple Fixes

Apple will release an iOS 16 update next week that fixes multiple issues., including an issue that causes the iPhone to excessively display permission prompts for copy and paste permission.

iOS 16 introduced a new privacy feature requiring apps to receive a user’s permission before accessing their iPhone’s clipboard to paste text from other apps. Some users are reporting seeing the prompt appear excessively.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple plans to address this issue in a software update that will be released next week. The WSJ report also says the software update will also fix an issue with some iPhone 14 Pro models freezing up following a data transfer from another iPhone.

The update’s version has not been officially announced. However, it will likely be iOS 16.0.2. The update should also fix an issue causing the rear camera to shake and vibrate on some iPhone 14 Pro models while using third-party camera-enabled apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

An Apple spokesman says a fix is set to be released next week. The Cupertino firm did not provide any further details, but it’s likely that the fix will be included in an iOS 16.0.2 software update.