Future iPads Could Make Use of Hybrid OLED Technology

Future iPads Could Make Use of Hybrid OLED Technology

Apple’s much-rumored plans to transition its future iPad models to OLED technology could involve using “hybrid” OLED technology that combines both rigid and flexible OLED panel materials, reports The Elec.

The report says Apple is reluctant to rely solely on the flexible OLED technology used in its iPhones, as the panels can “crumple,” with the effect being more noticeable on larger, iPad-sized display panels.

A machine translation of the original Korean-language report reads as follows:

When it became known that Apple plans to apply hybrid OLED to the first OLED iPad, the industry has assumed that the cause was cost reduction.

However, it is understood that there is a reason why Apple preferred hybrid OLED other than this cost reduction. An official from the parts industry said, “Apple hated the fact that a part of the product screen could look wrinkled to the user’s eyes when using a flexible OLED.” He said, “iPhone OLED has a 5-7 inch screen, so these characteristics are not well revealed, but it is relatively noticeable in large-screen (10-20 inch) IT products. he explained.

The report also says Apple may still opt to use flexible OLED panels if the display panels’ shortcomings can be remedied.

(Via MacRumors)