10 Holiday Gifts for Techy Friends for Under $100

10 Holiday Gifts for Techy Friends for Under $100

It can be challenging to find the right gifts for friends during the holidays, particularly if you’re searching for something unique and beautiful without spending several hundred dollars. That’s where our list of holiday gifts for friends costing less than $100 comes handy.

Offering the latest technology gadgets, the most surprising subscriptions, the most fashionable cosmetics, the most customized accessories, and a lot more is included in our ultimate inexpensive gift guide for the holiday season. Here’s our list of top holiday gifts for friends under $100. Scroll down to see why we recommend each of these presents.

Top 10 Holiday gifts under $100 of 2022

  1. MagStack’s Wireless 3-in-1 Foldable Charging Station
  2. Prism Drive – Lifetime Subscription
  3. Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with a Headset
  4. Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera
  5. UV Phone Sanitizer Box
  6. Hamilton Beach’s Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  7. World Travel Scratch-off Map
  8. Aroma Diffuser with a Bluetooth Speaker
  9. Best Pet Supplies’ Voyager Dog Harness
  10. Leaf Urban’s Hypoallergenic Jewelry


MagStack’s Wireless 3-in-1 Foldable Charging Station – For Technology Lovers


MagStack’s wireless foldable charging station is a perfect gift for technology lovers. It’s a portable station that can change into a floating stand to allow smartphone users to use video streaming or FaceTime while it charges.

This foldable 3-in-1 design comes with three charging spots that wirelessly allow charging three devices at the same time, such as iPhone, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, Wireless Charging Case AirPods, Android phones with Qi-compatibility, and Bluetooth Earbuds.

The station can also fold into a charger for a single device like your smartphone or headphones. It is portable and practical to take on your next trip. Look at it here.

Prism Drive Lifetime Subscription – For People Experiencing Storage Issues


Do you have a friend who always complains about the storage issue in his or her phone? If yes, this is the best gift for them. Prism drive’s lifetime subscription for secure cloud storage allows making space on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and personal computer.

Now, your friends can save all of the vital data in one place. They can also share large files easily, including graphics, videos, audios, and images. They can access files via a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet and view common file types, such as Microsoft Office, jpeg, and MP4, using an application or browser without downloading the file.

The best part is that Prism Drive gives a lifetime subscription and meets the industry standards to guarantee that your data is secure. Find it here.

Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Headset – For Game Lovers


The virtual reality 3D headset and glasses can be the best gift for game lovers. Your friends can experience the wonders of virtual reality and enjoy 3D games and movies with these VR glasses.

With a field vision of 102 degrees and a variable focal length and pupil, the VR glasses provide an enhanced experience whether it is content or images. It also comes with a headset that retracts, allowing users to immerse themselves into their own VR world.

Watch great movies or play games at home, or they can be a gift to your 3D-loving and VR-obsessed friends this holiday season. Look at it here.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera – For Photography Enthusiasts



The truth is that photographs last longer, and with disposable photos back in trend, Instax Mini 11 instant camera by Fujifilm is the perfect present for someone looking to join the trend or the one who loves taking photos.

Make memories with friends and family with this small instant camera, now available in five colors. It can print 2×3 images with a sticky white background so your gift recipient can add the photos to their notebooks, walls, computers, and other places. Find it here.

UV Phone Sanitizer Box – For Friends with OCD or Germ-Conscious Friends


Do you know that your expensive gadgets, accessories, and wearables carry more bacteria and germs than a typical toilet seat? This UV sanitizer box is compatible with small phones (6.8″ and below), wearable gadgets, and many other accessories that makes it perfect for disinfecting different devices.

This portable and multi-functional UV sanitizer is a perfect gift for your germ-conscious friends or those with OCD. You can send them this UV Phone Sanitizer box for holidays. Find it here.

Hamilton Beach’s Breakfast Sandwich Maker – For Cooking Lovers


Making breakfast has just become easier, simpler, faster, and more efficient with Hamilton Beach’s Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker. We believe it’s a 2-in-1 package. It can be a gift for a friend who enjoys cooking or someone who enjoys a good, heavenly breakfast.

Just put the ingredients, such as eggs, cheese, fresh vegetables, and bread in a tray and let the machine do its magic. It even has a timer that emits an audible tone when breakfast is ready to be served. Find it here.

World Travel Scratch-Off Map – For Travel Enthusiasts


This unique extra-large travel world map lets users scratch away areas off the map and reveal a world map printed on a silk-art paper underneath.

Celebrating and documenting their journeys across the globe by scratching off this map makes this map an affordable and thoughtful present for anyone, especially when the recipient loves traveling.

The gold coating is scratched to reveal a vibrant and detailed map beneath. It’s a fun and entertaining way to remember all the countries your friend has visited and it also helps them plan their next trip. Get it here.

Aroma Diffuser with a Bluetooth Speaker – For Aromatherapy Lovers


Do not give another candle as a gift; instead, present a diffuser. This is an ideal option for your aromatherapy-addicted friends, especially if they have kids because this diffuser is not scented by flames, so it is safe.

This Aroma Diffuser offers a tranquil scent-therapy experience with your preferred music. This ultra-portable and visually pleasing device combines the ultrasonic humidity system, Bluetooth audio speaker, and LED mood lighting. Get it here.

Best Pet Supplies’ Voyager Dog Harness – For Dog Owners


Are you planning to buy a gift for a dog owner friend? Make their walks more enjoyable by presenting them this harness leash set for dogs.

This dog harness is created to distribute pressure evenly around the chest whenever the dog pulls away. However, unlike other harnesses, which can cause painful chaffing, this harness has been designed to increase the comfort factor by additional padding.

The padding panels are constructed of breathable mesh and high-elasticity foam. This makes dogs more comfortable and helps them avoid pulling away. Get it here.

Leaf Urban’s Hypoallergenic Jewelry – For Jewelry Lovers or Health Buffs


Ever wondered how a piece of jewelry can completely change your life? This stunning, all-in-one accessory works as a fitness tracker, a fasion statement, and gives you multiple daily updates.

This fashionable and functional fitness tracker allows you to stay informed and updated about your daily routines, milestones, goals, and progress. This cleverly-designed jewelry is explicitly designed for your requirements. It monitors your daily cycle, activity, sleep, and mindfulness.

Leaf Urban’s sophisticated technology will allow your friend or a loved one to discover more about their health and improve their wellbeing by adopting positive habits. It’s a mix of function and fashion that can be a great gift because your jewelry-loving and fitness enthusiast friends will certainly love this hypoallergenic piece of jewelry. Get it here.