Apple Watch Series 9 Could Get New Processor, Based on A15 Chip

Apple Watch Series 9 Could Get New Processor, Based on A15 Chip

Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 will boast a new processor, based on the A15 chip the company first used in its iPhone 13 lineup, says Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Gurman shared the above information via his new Discord channel for his Power On newsletter subscribers.

The current Apple Watch Series 8 uses a two-year-old chip, much like the Series 7 before it. Although Apple calls the Apple Watch Series 8 chip the “S8”, it is the same chip as the S6 that was used in the Apple Watch Series 6, and boasts no performance or battery improvements.

Gurman says the Series 9 chip will be a “new processor,” instead of using a rebranded previous-generation chip. Gurman was asked if the new chip would be based on the A15 chip and he replied that would be the case.

By using an updated chip built on the A15 technology, the Apple Watch Series 9 should benefit from performance and efficiency improvements, which would mean better battery life and quicker load times for data and apps. The new chip will likely help power some of the new and updated features Apple has planned for watchOS 10. Apple is reportedly overhauling the watchOS interface in watchOS 10, which is expected to focus on a new widget system.

While there will likely be significant changes to watchOS this time around, most observers expect that the Apple Watch Series 9‌ will be largely similar to the Series 8. No major design changes are expected, but there should be a speed boost due to the new and more powerful chip.

Anonymous Twitter account @analyst941 claims the new watchOS 10 layout would be much easier to navigate than the two current options (grid and list views) and have more iOS-like features, including folders for apps. The anonymous tweeter isn’t sure if the redesigned layout will be a third option or will replace the grid display as the default option.

@analyst941 also said that Apple is working on software updates that will allow users to pair their Apple Watch with multiple Apple devices, such as a Mac or iPad, in addition to the current iPhone pairing. Currently, an Apple Watch can only be paired to a single iPhone. However, it is possible to pair multiple Apple Watch devices with a single iPhone.

An Apple Watch currently can offer limited benefits with an iPad or Mac. Once the Apple Watch is paired to an iPhone, it can be used with a Mac to unlock their computer, authenticate passwords and apps, and authenticate Apple Pay transactions. An Apple Watch can also be used with an iPad logged into the same Apple ID to follow Apple Fitness+ workout routines on the iPad’s display.

However, @analyst941 says Apple is working on changes to the pairing and sync process to allow the wearable to sync with multiple devices.

Mark Gurman, in April, said watchOS 10 will be the biggest Apple Watch software update since the first version of the operating system was released in 2015. Also in April, Gurman said he expects watchOS 10 to be a “major” update with “bigger enhancements,” including an “updated interface.”

Gurman did not provide any additional details, so we’ll have to wait until June 5, when watchOS 10 will be unveiled alongside iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and tvOS 17 on June 5th.