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  • Gurman: iOS 17 Will Offer Updated Lock Screen Interface, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay Upgrades, More

Gurman: iOS 17 Will Offer Updated Lock Screen Interface, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay Upgrades, More

Gurman: iOS 17 Will Offer Updated Lock Screen Interface, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay Upgrades, More

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has shared additional information on what we can expect to see in Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 operating system, which will be unveiled at WWDC 2023 on June 5.

New Lock Screen Interface for iOS 17

Gurman says iOS 17 will boast an updated Lock Screen interface that he says will turn the iPhone Lock Screen into a “smart-home display.” When an iPhone is locked and in a horizontal position, it will display information, including weather info, notifications, calendar reminders, and more, allowing it to act as a home data hub.

The display for an iPhone connected to a charging stand and in a horizontal position will show the smart home display, providing functionality similar to what users might see from a Google Nest Hub or an Echo Show. The new feature is intended to make iPhones more useful when they are not being used and are on a user’s nightstand or desk. The screen will sport a dark background using lighter color text to make the information easier to read.

A horizontal interface is also reportedly being developed for the iPad as well but may launch sometime after the release of iOS17/iPadOS 17. Gurman has previous;y said that Apple is also working on a low-priced tablet that would attach to walls or stands and will act as a dedicated home hub.

Wallet, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay

In addition to the updated Lock Screen display, Gurman says iOS 17 will bring updates for several apps and features, including Wallet, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay.

Gurman said the Wallet app will sport “significant changes,” although he didn’t provide any additional details. He noted that the Cupertino firm will add location services enhancements for the Find My app, also without providing any additional details.

Apple is also working on upgrades to the iOS 17 SharePlay feature for sharing and watching content with family and friends while on a FaceTime call, as well as improvements to its AirPlay wireless streaming feature. Gurman says Apple is negotiating with hotels and other public venues to work together to make it easier to AirPlay content to TVs/devices in the hotels and other venues.

In April, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is planning to release a Day One-style journaling app for the iPhone to allow users to track their daily activities. However, WSJ did not specify a time frame for this to happen.

Gurman says the new journaling app will be a feature in iOS 17, and that it will bring “note-taking and a stronger social element” to the iPhone.

The WSJ says that documents they have access to say a personalization feature will highlight potential topics for users to write about, such as a workout, while the app will also offer “All Day People Discovery” to detect a user’s physical proximity to other people.

The report says Apple’s app will be able to gather much more user data than third-party journaling apps and will have access to text messages, notifications, and phone calls. However, the software’s design will be made with privacy and security. The analysis of the user’s day will take place on-device, and journaling suggestions will remain in the system for four weeks, after which they will be removed.

Apple also plans to finally bring the Health app to the iPad, allowing ‌iPad‌ users to access their health-related data even when their ‌iPhone‌ is not at hand.

As usual, we’ll have to wait until June 5 to confirm the above new features.