Apple Vision Pro’s Success May Depend on Younger Apple Customers

Apple Vision Pro’s Success May Depend on Younger Apple Customers

Apple on Monday finally unveiled its much-anticipated mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. While Apple has a reputation for introducing cutting-edge products carrying premium prices, the headset’s base price of $3,499 may make it a bit tougher sale than usual.

However, a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) says the new headset will still be a highly-desirable product and become widely adopted, thanks to Apple’s younger customers.

CIRP points out that Apple products are consistently sold at a premium price point and yet the products are still highly desirable and widely adopted. We’ll have to wait and see if the Vision Pro will become the next big hit from Apple, which we won’t know for sure until a few months after its launch later this year or in 2024.

As noted by CIRP, Apple customers usually own and use more than one Apple device. The question is, will the premium price for Apple’s premium headset hurt sales? CIRP decided to take a closer look at things, by taking a look at how Apple device ownership varies by age.

Sales of Apple products are aided by Apple’s closed garden of devices and operating systems. The Cupertino firm’s integration of hardware, software, and services has over the years contributed to Apple’s usually impressive product sales.

CIRP’s report examines the iPhone, iPad, and Mac and some related statistics about ownership of the popular devices.

CIRP found that more than 40% of Apple device users under the age of 45 years old possess all three devices in some form or another, indicating that those customers have a strong commitment to the Apple ecosystem.

On the flip side, among users aged 55 years or older, a bit less than 25% own all three devices, indicating that the age group has a comparatively lower level of adoption.

While you might expect that older (and potentially more affluent) customers would buy into the device trifecta, due to the premium prices of Apple products. However, you would be wrong.

Older customers are typically less familiar with technology than other age groups, making them less inclined to own multiple Apple devices. Meanwhile, younger Apple customers tend to purchase and use multiple Apple devices and become more actively engaged with the Apple ecosystem.

This indicates that younger Apple customers have plenty of Apple product purchases in their future, continuing to purchase and use new Apple products as they are introduced.

Apple will enhance and refine the Vision Pro, leading to price drops over time. Price reductions may result in a product that is more appealing to younger users who do not currently possess the same financial resources as older Apple customers.

This indicates that if the Vision Pro makes it through its first few years, Apple’s younger customers will eventually be what drives the sales and adoption of the headset.

(Via AppleInsider)