iOS 17 Reminders App Auto-Sorts Groceries Lists Into Categories

iOS 17 Reminders App Auto-Sorts Groceries Lists Into Categories

Apple previewed its upcoming iOS 17 update on Monday, and there are several new features in this year’s version of the iPhone software. One of the updated apps this time around is the Reminders app. By simply selecting to create a “Groceries” list option, your iPhone will automatically organize every food item into categories for easier shopping.

As you add grocery items, such as milk, produce, bread, etc. they are automatically organized under different headers as you add them to your shopping list. For example, adding “cucumbers” or “apples” to the list and both will be placed under “Produce.” “Ground Beef” would go under “Meat,” “Shampoo” would automatically be sorted into the “Personal Care & Health” area, and so on.

Categories include Produce, Breads & Cereals, Frozen Foods, Snacks & Candy, Meat, Dairy, Eggs & Cheese, Bakery, Baking Items, Household Items, Personal Care & Health, and Wine, Beer & Spirits.

Users can customize lists and add their own sections, or rearrange the order that the various sections are shown in the list.

If the ‌iPhone‌ doesn’t recognize which category an item should go into, it remains uncategorized. Any Reminder list that you create in ‌iOS 17‌ can have sections added to it. Users can manually add sections and organize items into them.

A new column view allows users to see the sections they’ve created side-by-side, in addition to the standard list view.