Apple Wallet App Adds Support for Paris and Toronto Transit Cards

Apple Wallet App Adds Support for Paris and Toronto Transit Cards

Apple has announced that Navigo transit users can now add their transit card to the Wallet app, allowing iPhone and Apple Watch users to simply tap their devices to pay for rides on the metro, trains, buses, and more in the Paris, France area.

Riders can buy passes from the Île-de-France Mobilités iOS app or directly from Apple Wallet, and use an iPhone or Apple Watch to tap and ride.

Also beginning this week, real-time transit information is available in Apple Maps for the Paris metro, RER, Paris tramway, RATP buses, and more. With real-time transit in Maps, users in Paris can see detailed schedules, live departure and arrival times, and system connections to help plan a journey. Apple Maps will now also offer users in Paris important real-time transit information such as outages and delays.

In related news, a tweet on X recently revealed that the PRESTO transit card in the Toronto, Canada area will soon also support the Wallet app.

In both Paris and Toronto, the transit cards will offer support for Express Mode, allowing riders to simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near a payment reader to pay for their ride, without needing to unlock or wake the device. Express Mode continues to work for up to five hours after an iPhone has run out of battery power.