iPhone Alarm Not Waking You Up? Apple Is Working On It

iPhone Alarm Not Waking You Up? Apple Is Working On It

Is your iPhone not playing your alarm loudly enough or is simply not going off? Apple is aware of the issue and is working on it. Some iPhone users are complaining that their iPhones are either sounding alarms too quietly to wake them up or the alarm is simply not going off at all.

The Guardian reports that Apple says it is aware of the issue, which has been a popular subject among TikTok users.

“This has probably been the third or fourth day in a row that my alarm clock has not gone off,” said one TikTok user.

Another TikTok’er said: “I’ve noticed for the past week or so my alarm just wasn’t waking me up.”

It is not clear how many people have been affected or what devices are involved.

At least one TikTok user, in a video that has garnered nearly 10m views, said their iPhone 15 alarm goes off at “the lowest volume” and claimed the problem was related to an “attention aware” feature being enabled on their phone. “Apple are you trying to get people fired?” the user added.

The attention aware feature lowers the sound of alarms and alerts if users are giving their attention to their devices.

Apple tells users they can control the alarm volume via the “Sounds & Haptics” feature in the Settings app, reminding users that the “do not disturb” and “silent mode” options do not affect the alarm sound. Apple also recommends that users check to make sure that their alarm sound is not set to “none”.