New iPhone SE 4 With Face ID Price Target Said to Be Sub-$500

New iPhone SE 4 With Face ID Price Target Said to Be Sub-$500

Apple is working to offer its upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE at a sub-$500 price, even though the iPhone SE 4 will boast several upgrades from the third-generation SE.

Leaker Revegnus on X says the U.S. launch price of the fourth-generation iPhone SE may remain at the same $429 starting price as the current model, and even if Apple charges a bit more, the company will aim to keep the price below $500.

Last week, The Information reported that Apple plans to release a redesigned iPhone SE in the spring of 2025 that will remain the “cheaper” option in Apple’s iPhone lineup.

The iPhone SE 4 design is said to resemble the standard iPhone 14, meaning the Touch ID and the Home button on the current SE will be replaced by Face ID and a display notch.

The iPhone SE 4 could also sport an OLED display in place of its current LCD panel, and the display size is said to increase from 4.7 inches to 6.1 inches. Other rumor mongers say the next iPhone SE will boast a USB-C port and an Action button.

The third-generation iPhone SE was released in March 2022, so the device is due for an overhaul. There is also likely to be pent-up demand for a new model from iPhone SE users.