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Apple’s 2024 Back-to-School Sale Expected to Launch Soon

Apple’s 2024 Back-to-School Sale Expected to Launch Soon

Apple could soon kick off its annual Back-to-School promotion for college students in the United States and Canada, based on sightings of ads that have been appearing on social networks.

Apple is posting ads on Instagram, promoting the Mac lineup to college and university students. The ad includes a Back to School image, accompanied by the following ad copy:

“Buy Mac for university or college with education savings. Plus get a gift card for up to $200.”

The screenshot of the ad is from a Canadian user, meaning that is $200 in Canadian dollars, so we can likely expect to see the same $150 discount in the United States that we saw last year.

Clicking on the ad redirects to Apple’s education website, but there is as of yet no mention of the back-to-school sale.

Last year’s back-to-school sale launched on Tuesday, June 4, but Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said in his latest Power On newsletter that we should expect the 2024 sale to not begin until later in the month.

Apple’s back-to-school promotion is nearly here. We’re heading into summer, and that means it’s almost time for Apple’s annual back-to-school promotion. Last year, Apple launched the program just after its Worldwide Developers Conference in early June, but I expect this year’s version to debut a little bit later in the month. It’s an important one for Apple, which needs to work through its inventory of old Macs before an end-to-end overhaul of the lineup debuts with M4 chips. The new releases will kick off this fall with the MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac. The back-to-school promotion also could help attract attention to the iPad, which was revamped in May (though it’s unclear if the new models will be part of the deal). Last year’s promotion gave Mac buyers a $150 gift card, while iPad purchases got $100 in credit.

Apple’s back-to-school sales provide students with a free Apple gift card when purchasing a Mac or an iPad. Last year, Apple offered U.S. students up to $150 when purchasing a Mac and up to $100 when purchasing an ‌iPad‌.

Last year, Apple offered a $150 gift card with the purchase of any new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or 24-inch iMac model, and a $100 gift card with the purchase of an iPad.

The gift cards could be used in the Apple Store or the App Store, as well as for subscriptions to services like Apple Music, iCloud+ storage, and more.

Education pricing is available to current and newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.