iOS 18 Adds Live Video Support to Emergency SOS

iOS 18 Adds Live Video Support to Emergency SOS

Apple previewed iOS 18 earlier this week, and one of the improvements this time around is a way for iPhone users involved in an emergency situation to provide more information to emergency responders via Emergency SOS.

Emergency SOS gains support for live video under iOS 18. Once the SOS feature is activated, users can send streaming video and recorded video to emergency personnel. Emergency responders will be able to send a request to a user to share either live video or a video from the camera roll, which Apple says should make it easier and faster to get help.

Emergency SOS Live Video allows users to share context through streaming video and recorded media. In the middle of an emergency call, participating emergency dispatchers can send a request for a user to share live video or media from the user’s camera roll over a secure connection, making it easier and faster to get help.

The video is sent over a secure connection to the emergency dispatcher, allowing iPhone users in emergencies to send key information for location purposes, assess injury or risk, or be used as evidence at a later date.

Emergency SOS on the ‌iPhone‌ and Apple Watch automatically calls the area’s emergency number and shares location information with emergency services.