iPhone Users in Hungary Being Hit With Random Apple Pay Charges

iPhone Users in Hungary Being Hit With Random Apple Pay Charges

Several Hungarian news sites report that Apple Pay is not working correctly in Hungary, as Apple device owners in the country are seeing random, unexpected charges without making any purchases. One user reported he had been charged HUF 550,000 (USD 1,481.08) in 74 rapid transactions in 5 minutes, and his bank blocked his card.

Several of our readers indicated that there is a problem with Apple Pay: it withdraws money en masse. We had a reader from whom the system took HUF 990 twice, and then HUF 1,990 again. Another of our readers reported that their bank card was debited with HUF 2,390 and then HUF 2,990.

Our reader notified the OTP about the case, where he received the answer that “they are being called by the hundreds”, and according to the bank’s information, it was a problem with Apple.

Some users are reporting multiple surprise transactions, and the problem appears to be affecting most banks in Hungary. Impacted users are being charged small amounts several times in a row.

Hungarian banks are being slammed with help requests, and the problem appears to be on Apple’s end of things. The situation is still being analyzed to determine what happened. A statement on Raiffeisen Bank’s website says that Apple is working to resolve the problem.

We inform our customers that due to a technical problem with an external partner, the bank cards of some of our customers may have been incorrectly charged by the Apple App Store. Our colleagues have contacted Apple officials, the problem is being resolved.

One report says the charges appear to be linked to subscriptions that had been canceled previously, as some of the amounts match those prior transactions. Some customers have been successful in having their financial institution block their cards, preventing additional charges.