watchOS 11 Automatically Detects and Records Naps

watchOS 11 Automatically Detects and Records Naps

A Reddit user with an Apple Watch running the watchOS 11 beta says it automatically detected and recorded a nap they took. The user says they took a nap and were able to see the sleep data recorded in the Health app, even though they did not place the device in Sleep Mode.

I took a nap yesterday and it looks like that sleep data was recorded. I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere. Has anyone else seen this? I’ve confirmed the data was from my Apple Watch.

Currently, the Apple Watch only tracks and records sleep when it is in Sleep Mode and it doesn’t offer support for tracking naps.

The watchOS 11 update apparently allows an Apple Watch to record and include a nap in the Sleep section of the Health app, and according to this Reddit user, also supports automatic sleep tracking even when Sleep Mode isn’t turned on. The new feature should be a welcome feature for the nappers among us. (Yes, me.)

Apple did not mention nap tracking when it unveiled watchOS 11 at WWDC24 last week, with the only mention of sleep features being the new Vitals app, which collects data

Apple did not mention a change to the Sleep app in its preview information for ‌watchOS 11‌, and the only mention of sleep is related to the new Vitals app, which surfaces key health metrics and context to help users make more informed day-to-day decisions.

(Image credit: jahshua06 on Reddit)