Apple Backend Code Leak Confirms Work On ‘Home Accessory’

Apple Backend Code Leak Confirms Work On ‘Home Accessory’

Code discovered in Apple’s backend code confirms that is working on a much-rumored home accessory to join its Apple TV and HomePod devices, according to a report from MacRumors.

The code contains references to a device identifier, “HomeAccessory17,1,” which is a new identifier category.

As noted by the report, the 17,1 in the identifier name indicates the device may be powered by Apple’s upcoming A18 chip, which is rumored to be used in all four iPhone 16 models, which will be released later this year. The A18 chip would provide enough power for the HomeAccessory device to use Apple Intelligence.

The backend code also indicates that the “home accessory” will be running a variant of Apple’s tvOS operating system, which powers the Apple TV and the ‌HomePod‌.

Back in June 2021, we first saw mention of homeOS via two job listings that mentioned homeOS but we saw the mentions removed once it was noticed by the media. The listing mentioned “homeOS” on two occasions, as well as Apple’s other operating systems including iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

In January, we saw reports of iOS 17.4 code mentioning “homeOS.” At the time of the article, many believed that the homeOS mention was referencing either the iPad-like home hub or the display on the HomePod.

The backend code also includes references to a pair of unreleased ‌Apple TV‌ models with the identifiers AppleTV14,4 and AppleTV14,5. Many observers expect to see an updated ‌Apple TV‌ launch sometime in 2024.