Backend Code Reveals Device IDs for Four New iPads

Backend Code Reveals Device IDs for Four New iPads

Macworld reports on a discovery by Nicolás Álvarez found in Apple’s backend code that could potentially identify four new upcoming iPad models, ranging from an upcoming 11th-gen iPad with an A16 chip through to a 13-inch iPad Pro with an M5 chip. While the identities of the device includes a bit of speculation and at least one wildcard.

According to a reference in Apple’s backend code discovered by Nicolás Álvarezon X (via @aaronp613), the company is working on several new iPads that are likely to launch this fall.

The identifiers and likely upcoming models are:

  • iPad15,7 – A16 11th Gen iPad Wi-Fi
  • iPad15,8 – A16 11th Gen iPad Cellular
  • iPad16,1 – A17 iPad mini 7th Gen Wi-Fi
  • iPad16,2 – A17 iPad mini 7th Gen Cellular
  • iPad17,1 – M5 11-inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad17,2 – M5 11-inch Pro Cellular
  • iPad17,3 – M5 13-inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad17,4 – M5 13-inch Pro Cellular

The chip names are derived from the identifiers. However, an iPad powered by an A16 processor would exclude owners of those devices from running Apple Intelligence, which is Apple’s big drawing card in iPadOS 18. It seems as if Apple would want its new iPads to be capable of running Apple Intelligence.