Florida Woman Arrested After Weaponizing Apple Watch During a Fight

Florida Woman Arrested After Weaponizing Apple Watch During a Fight

A Florida woman has been arrested for weaponizing an Apple Watch by throwing it at her boyfriend during an argument, cutting his ear, according to The Smoking Gun. While the report goes into absurd detail about some of the related information to the incident, it fails to mention whether the Apple Watch was picked up and thrown or taken off of her wrist and pegged at her target.

The incident occurred at 1 a.m. local time in Gulfport, Florida. Kayleen Tresedder was allegedly engaged in an argument with the target, um victim. He had placed her belongings in a bag, and to thank him, she (allegedly) threw her Apple Watch at him, striking the man’s ear, “causing a small cut which bled.”

The report mentions the couple has three children, and for some odd reason, how much Tresedder paid for their house in 2016. ($139,000, if you’re curious.) Also, the man wore a V-neck that “was stretched and torn by the defendant who grabbed him by the collar.”

Sadly, we don’t know for sure which model Apple Watch was used as an improvised missile. (You’d think the Apple Watch Ultra would do more damage than the Apple Watch SE, but I guess it all comes down to accuracy.) There was also no mention as to whether the weaponized Apple Watch was also used to call 911.

Tresedder was arrested, and charged at the local county jail with a misdemeanor. The woman was released on her own recognizance on Monday, but the judge ordered her to have no contact with the man, other than “for the sole purpose of childcare.”.

Police did not keep the Apple Watch as evidence.