iOS Users Are Smarter, Wealthier, And More Liberal Than Android Users

Posted in iOS on 16/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


The folks over at Hunch provided a broad survey to over 15,000 smartphone users, with questions ranging from gender, politics, television preferences, and so forth, and put together a clever infographic showing what they found.

As it turns out, users of Apple’s iOS devices tend to be more liberal, have more education, travel more, and make more money than people who use other platforms such as Android or Windows Mobile. Check it out below (click the image to expand).

  • I’m afraid most of the ‘important’ demographic points are skewed by the one data point called ‘age’. So sure, iOS users tend to make more and have higher degrees, but thats because they are older. A large portion of Android users are within a few years of 18, so they obviously don’t have graduate degrees, whereas the iOS user tends to be over 35, and so has had the time in their life to get such a degree. All data past that point proves useless to me. Although the favorite food and TV show categories were entertaining. 

  • Lies, damn lies and statistics…

  • shmartfone

    Lol…smart and educated are not directly correlated. Steve Jobs himself was a college dropout.

  • I’m sorry, but these studies are the most stupid studies I’ve ever seen. Another way for iFanboys to feel good about themselves. 

  • what kind “smart” do u mean anyway? wid all idevice u can do nothing but jb

  • Dark Knight.

    Lolz. So true.

  • dark knight!

    Now fandroids will come up with some stupid shit and start fighting here 😛


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