iPhone 5 To Launch October 1st, According To Leaked Carrier Document

Posted in Apple News, iPhone on 02/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


A leaked document from a Canadian cellular carrier could confirm yesterday’s report of an October arrival for the iPhone 5. Previous rumors had predominantly settled on a September release date.

The report cites information from a “reliable source” within Canadian cell carrier Telus that suggests an October 1 launch for the upcoming next-gen iPhone handset. From BGR:

We have seen seen an internal Telus document that lists October 1st as the launch date, and while the first could just be a place holder, we do not believe that is the case in this instance. The document lists additional launch dates that are not placeholders — several of the listed dates line up with what we’re hearing from other trusted sources.

The leak is a bit strange, as October 1st actually falls on a Saturday (a day in which Apple does not typically release new products) rather than a weekday release, which would be far more typical for Apple. The carrier, however, doesn’t think that particular date is as unlikely as it might seem:

The thing is, October 1st is a Saturday and Apple has historically released iPhones on either a Thursday evening or a Friday. Our source has indicated to us that Saturdays are the busiest day of the week for wireless retail stores, of course, and the source does not believe a Saturday launch is unrealistic.

Personally, I still don’t think this makes much sense – any day that Apple chooses to release the iPhone 5 will be the busiest day of the week for wireless retail stores! One possibility is that this reflects the Canadian release day for the iPhone 5, and the US could experience a September launch as the bulk of the reports have suggested.


J. Glenn Künzler

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