iphone 5 News

Apple Extends iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Repair Program

Posted on 09/03/2015 by Chris Hauk

Hot on the heels of extending the replacement period for the battery on their iPhone5, Apple has now extended their iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button replacement program, allowing customers to get a malfunctioning sleep/wake button replaced for up to 3 years after the purchase date.


Apple Begins iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

Posted on 23/08/2014 by Chris Hauk

Are you experiencing shorter and shorter battery life with your iPhone 5? If so, you may be in the small percentage of owners that have an iPhone 5 with a faulty battery. There’s good news however, as Apple has begun a iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program to replace those faulty power cells.


The EXO18 – Is This The Most Beautiful Case Every Made For The iPhone 5/5s?

Posted on 12/07/2014 by Chris Hauk

While browsing for a new case for my iPhone 5s, I stumbled upon this beauty. The EXO18 from EXOvault is designed to be a handsome, yet robust case for your device. The photos look amazing, but at a price of $180, (marked down from $240), the photos are likely to be the closest I’ll ever get to one…


Review: The Pad & Quill Timber Cover for the iPhone 5/5s

Posted on 26/06/2014 by Chris Hauk

While owners of the iPhone 5/5s may feel the need to protect their devices, many don’t want to put some heavy-duty case that completely covers up the beauty of their device. That’s where covers such as the Pad & Quill Timber come in.


Turn Your iPhone 5/5s Into a Credit Card With LoopPay’s ChargeCase

Posted on 24/06/2014 by Chris Hauk

If you hate carrying around a bunch of credit cards wherever you go, mobile payment startup LoopPay may have the solution for you. Their newly released ChargeCase will keep your iPhone 5/5s charged during the long day, and includes the company’s magnetic loop technology that allows you to make touchless credit card payments at legacy credit card terminals.


Giveaway: Win a Prong PWR Case for Your iPhone 5/5s

Posted on 14/05/2014 by Chris Hauk

The Prong PWR Case for the iPhone 5/5s includes a detachable backup battery and integrated plugs for charging in any outlet. Now, Prong and MacTrast are giving you a chance to win a PWR Case of your very own!