Logitech’s New Modular Case [+] for The iPhone 5/5s Sports Multiple Attachments

Logitech’s New Modular Case [+] for The iPhone 5/5s Sports Multiple Attachments

Logitech has debuted its new  Case [+] for the iPhone 5/5s. The new case system sports a metal case with multiple magnetic attachments, including a leather case, a vehicle mount, a wallet, and an external battery.


The Case [+] is a protective case with a metal plate across the back of the case. While adding style and layer of protection, it also serves as the mounting plate for the magnetic attachments.


Logitech includes four modules that work with the Case [+]. These include:


Includes a kickstand, earbud wrap and magnetic mounting, the +tilt magnetic free-mount system allows you to attach your iPhone 5/5s to any metal surface – from a refrigerator to a file cabinet – so you can use the device hands free. To watch a video, just fold the +tilt into a kickstand. The +tilt also acts as a handy holder for your headphones.



This battery pack simply snaps onto the back of case+ and delivers power via a U-shaped Lightning connector. A fuel gauge is integrated into the rear shell. Snap the +energy battery pack onto your phone and you can get double the power of your battery.



A one touch phone mount for your car. The +drive mount sticks to your windshield or dashboard via a suction cup to keep it in place. The case+ protective case mounts your iPhone magnetically one touch to keep your phone secure and visible at the same time. The +drive also comes with a universal adaptor that allows a second smartphone to be used with the system.


The +wallet turns your case+ into a slim, stylish wallet that conveniently keeps cards and cash at your fingertips. The +wallet features Magnashield technology to keep your credit cards and hotel keys safe.

Logitech’s Case [+] system will be released later this month at $199 and can currently be preordered from the company’s official website.