Leaked iOS 5.1 Build Shows Lock Screen Camera Button, Japanese Siri Support (Confirmed)

Posted in Apple News, iOS on 17/02/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


Brazilian tech site BlogdoiPhone claims to have gotten their hands on what they call a “pre-GM” version of iOS 5.1, referring to a version of the update that is close to the “Golden Master” or final shipping release.

The report shows several interesting things within the leaked update, including a dedicated camera icon on the lockscreen which functions as a slider. By comparison, current versions of iOS 5 only show a camera button when the home button is double-tapped.

Backing up this report, BGR claims to have gotten their hands on the update as well, and reports the same findings – Japanese language support for Siri and a new camera slider on the homescreen.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if these features showed up in iOS 5.1 anyway, but the fact that two independent sources are both reporting this (and providing screenshots to back up their claims), I’m calling this one confirmed (although as always, Apple could easily change something before the update is actually released).

iOS 5.1 is expected to be released on or around Apple’s iPad media event on March 7th.


J. Glenn Künzler

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