Review: XFLEX – A Handy Flexible Stand for Your iPad

Review: XFLEX – A Handy Flexible Stand for Your iPad

If you’re like me, you love the iPad. As a device to play games, research, read, watch videos, and stay in touch with friends via Skype or FaceTime, it just can’t be beat. But, Damn! This thing is heavy! Enter XFLEX, a versatile tablet stand that takes the iPad out of you hands, and gives your arms a rest.


The XFLEX allows a stable and flexible positioning of your iPad no matter where you are, and in almost any situation.

I tried the XFLEX in various positions and locations. In bed surfing, and reading iBooks. (The stand sits next to you.)  Sitting on the couch, XFLEX makes it very handy to check scores and stats while watching sports on TV. (It fits between the cushion and arm of the couch.) It even comes in handy in the car, it works great if you want to check maps, or entertain restless passengers. (Wedges between the seat and transmission hump.) I even tried it sitting on my desk. (It sets perfectly on the desk, using its weighted base.)

As you can tell, the XFLEX is a versatile accessory. Anywhere handsfree access to your iPad would come in handy, the XFLEX could be the ticket.

I do get tired of holding the iPad while reading or watching videos in bed. So, that was the first place I tried it out. The stand can either sit by itself on the bed, or you can slide it between your body and the bed. I used it in the second manner, as my bed has a memory foam topper, and the “eggshell” design doesn’t make for a very even or stable place to sit things. The XFLEX worked great. I attached the iPad to the stand’s flexible arm via the sticky suction cup on the arm, slid the other end of the arm in the stand, (it attaches to one of two different spots on the stand), and slid the base under my rear end. Perfect. I was able to read and watch videos for a solid hour, adjusting the iPad to just the right viewing position. The flexible nature of the arm allowed me to find the correct viewing angel.

On the couch, I wedged the XFLEX in between the couch cushion and the arm of the couch. It was secure and stayed in place, again allowing me to adjust the arm for just the perfect angle.

The XFLEX allows for a secure attachment between the flexible arm and the iPad. Not once did the iPad come loose form the arm. And that was with various adjustments of the position of the arm and iPad.


If you like using you iPad to read, watch videos, use it in the car, or just have it sitting on your desk or kitchen counter, I highly suggest giving the XFLEX a try. The stand is well made, and sturdy. It’s metal construction makes the stand sturdy and rugged. It’s a bit heavy, so if you travel a lot, you might want to look into another solution.

The XFLEX works with most any tablet, so if you have a Kindle, Galaxy, Surface, or just about any other tablet device, this could be the stand for you. I even tried it with the iPhone 5 for a FaceTime session, and it worked fine.

If you use a case or cover on your tablet, you’ll probably have to remove it before attaching to the XFLEX.


Price: $99.95 – Available on the XFLEX website, or through


  • Easily adjustable.
  • Securely attaches to the tablet.
  • Heavy base allows for easy adjustment if the stand is sitting on a desk or counter.


  • The heavy base makes the stand just that, heavy. You do not want to carry this while running to catch a flight.

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