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What to Expect from Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote: The Complete Roundup

What to Expect from Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote: The Complete Roundup

Apple’s WWDC keynote is on Monday, and rumors abound about what will be announced. But what can we really expect, what can we possibly expect, and what rumors are so far out there that Plastic Man would throw his arm out of the socket reaching for them?

We here at MacTrast pride ourselves on our helpfulness, we’re helpers. So, try to sit up straight and pay attention as we separate the shinola from the shi… facts from the fiction.


iOS 7


The interface is in for a change. As we already know, Apple CEO Tim Cook made major changes to Apple’s executive leadership team last year, showing the exit to iOS Senior VP Scott Forstall and splitting his duties up between the likes of OS X chief Craig Federighi, Services head Eddy Cue, Technologies SVP Bob Mansfield, and most important to the interface of iOS 7, design head Jony Ive.

Simplicity will rule the roost. Ive LOVES simplicity, we see it in his hardware designs, and we’ll see it in iOS 7 now that he’s in charge.

Users can expect iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPad to say goodbye to some of the “skeumorphic” textures found in previous releases. Gone will be the Notes app that looks like a yellow notepad look, black and white and gray textures will be the main theme for app interfaces. Apps will gain individual character by differently colored buttons and navigation bars.

A good hint as to what to expect is the WWDC 2013 iOS app that was released earlier this week. the application introduces a new aesthetic that focuses on flat white, black, and grey textures. The app uses new fonts, and shadow-less buttons and navigation bars. Flat.

New social features are a good bet to be part of iOS 7, with Flickr and Vimeo available along with the current Twitter and Facebook integration.


AirDrop functionality could possibly be included in the new iOS version. AirDrop will allow iOS users to share files from their devices to other users devices. We include it in “possible” because it’s been experimented with before, and was dropped. It’s probably a 70% chance for inclusion this time.

Expanded Siri “Eyes Free” technology. This could allow users to better integrate Siri into their vehicles electronics system, with such features as mirroring your iPhone’s display on the display of your car’s console system. Improved reliability for Siri and the Maps app are also said to be in the works.

Camera filters for the iOS Camera app are also a possibility. These Instagram type filters are said to be popular with developers, not so well-received by Apple executives. 60/40 chance for this one.

Not This Time

A change in the way iOS handles multitasking has been rumored, but most users are comfortable with the current method, so probably no big changes this time.

9to5Mac has heard rumblings of some testing of new technologies that could move on-screen objects based on how the device is being moved in-air. For example, app icons that shift according to the angle that the iPhone is being held. Nope. Maybe later. Perhaps the “iWatch” could help make this a reality.

A Siri API. Not sure why I’m putting this one in the “not gonna happen” list, but maybe it’s just because we’ve been hearing about this one for a long time, and nothing has happened. But hey, I’d love to see this one happen, so feel free to move it up to “possible” if you feel like it.



The banners for WWDC have been hung in the Moscone Center with care, and they include one with a big ol’ “X.” That means for sure Apple will be introducing version 10.9 of the venerable Mac operating system. Let’s take a look at what might be coming with the new version.

OS X 10.9 should include interface tweaks, but there won’t be any Ive influenced changes this version. No flatness this version.

OS X 10.9 will most likely include better multiple desktop support, with the ability to to have different full-screen workspaces on multiple desktops. Users with multiple monitors should be able to run apps full-screen on one monitor without seeing the Grey linen view on the other monitor like they do with 10.8.

Much rumored is a battery extending change to multitasking, and improvement to application performance by pausing the processing of background apps.

There should also be a nice new version of Safari to play with too.


Siri has been long rumored to be readying a debut on the OS X desktop, this could be her year. There hasn’t been much floating around in the rumorsphere, but it could be one of those nice surprises Apple likes to throw in from time-to-time.

Xcode 5 is a possibility, this could probably go under “Likely,” but not much has been said about it, so let’s leave it here.

A tabbed interface for Finder is a good bet too. Probably more likely than not, but “possible” seems like a good bet.

Not This Time

Rumors have been circulating that 10.9’s release will be delayed because of Apple assigning more developers to the iOS 7 project. It’s possible, but not probable. The new version will at the very least be previewed at WWDC.

Hardware and Accessories


MacBook Air

New MacBook Air models are almost guaranteed. New SKUs and pricing information has been leaked, and the new models should take advantage of Intel’s new Haswell platform. This should noticeably improve both performance and battery life in the new MacBook Air lineup.

Support for new 802.11ac Wi-Fi routers will probably be included, and some analysts believe the MacBook Air line will include dual mics, like its big brother the MacBook Pro.

Mac Pro

Yeah baby, the Mac Pro will FINALLY get some update love. Apple is currently doing a pre-WWDC blow-out of refurbished Mac Pros, and they’ve been hinting for awhile now that something was coming, so let’s go for it, and say YES! New Mac Pros!

802.11ac Capable AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule

Time Capsules and AirPort Extreme are reported to be in short supply at retailers, and with 802.11ac Wi-Fi chips expected to be a part of the new MacBook Air line, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme updates alongside the new Mac hardware and software.


MacBook Pros

New MacBook Pros are a possibility, there have been reports of shortages of Retina Display MacBook Pro’s so…

AirPort Express

The AirPort Express probably won’t get any upgrade love this time around, as it just got the treatment at last year’s WWDC, but it could get a bump of some sort.

Not This Time

iOS Devices

There will be no new iOS devices introduced at the WWDC. No new iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone. That’s for later. Tim Cook has all but guaranteed that in his previous comments.


No “iWatch” this time either. Maybe Tim Cook will flash a glint of an armband or something similar, just to tantalize the troops, but no unveiling this time. I know. I really want this one too.

Apple Television Set

Stop holding your breath, blue is not your color. Nope, no “Apple Television.” There’s not a single shred of evidence that this beast actually exists, and even if it did it’ll debut later in the year. Again, see Tim Cook’s previous comments about good stuff coming late this year, so if by some stretch of the imagination it exists, it’ll be introduced then.




Yeah, there will be an unveiling of Apple’s much-rumored ‘iRadio” streaming music service. The record companies have been finally all brought into line, and are ready to play. It probably won’t be released during WWDC, but it will be previewed for all in attendance. iRadio is expected to be advertiser supported, with both audio and visual ads. No word on if there will be a premium version offered sans-ads.


Aperture and iWork

It’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, but some indicators are pointing to the possibility of new versions of Aperture, and iWork. These applications haven’t gotten any love in a long time, and they’re WAY overdue.

Wrap Up

Well, there you have it. My, and by extension, MacTrast’s predictions for the WWDC 2013 keynote. Some of the above is from solid sources, and some of it was decided by the SWAG (Scientific Wild-Assed Guess) method. We’ll find out where the chips may fall on Monday. Let’s hope it’s like Christmas morning, and we get a couple of nice surprises in our stocking.

What do you think readers? Do you agree with my projections, or am I WAY the hell off? Let us know in the comments section below.

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