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Sober Enough To Say Your Name? Then You Can Pay For Drinks Via WillCall

Sober Enough To Say Your Name? Then You Can Pay For Drinks Via WillCall

If you live in the New York City or San Francisco areas, you may already be familiar with WillCall, the mobile app that allows you to buy tickets to live shows at the last minute. A new feature, called BarTab, is rolling out on the app, and if you’re sober enough to say your name, you’ll be able to pay for drinks via the app at participating venues. (This is going to be SO much easier for guys named “Bob Jones.” Sorry Costaki Economopoulos…)


So, while you can purchase tickets for a live show directly through the consumer app as before, you will also be able to arrive at the venue and buy drinks using your WillCall credentials – a proximity-based feature based on Bluetooth LE means that an account can only be charged when the user is near the bar. The bartender will see your photo on their screen too, so all you really need to do is say your name.

You’ll then receive a push notification on your device every time a round is charged at the bar, and will get a receipt with a total at the end of the night. During the pilot period, the feature is only available in around a dozen venues in the NYC and SF areas.

Personally, I am SO glad this feature is not currently available at venues in my area, because after intensive training, covering decades, I can say my name perfectly when intoxicated. I’m just sayin’.

The WillCall app is available FREE for the iPhone, in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK] (The service currently is only for residents of New York City and San Francisco. Sorry, “fly-over country” residents.)

Disclaimer: Costaki Economopoulos neither endorsed or approved of the use of his name in this post. I simply like the name, and I think he’s a fine comedian. Check his show out if he plays in a venue near you.

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