Arrange – AppSumo Bundle

Arrange is a handy little App that allows you to arrange and re-arrange the position of your windows on your desktop.

Arrange is the best solution to control position and size of applications’ windows. With simple and intuitive mouse or keyboard operation, selected window can be repositioned and resized. There are predefined positions and sizes which can be selected from on screen menu or by keyboard shortcuts. There is also free form tool which allows to select position and size more precisely and additionally move window to other screen.Windows can also by resized and repositioned by dragging them to one of active zones which are located at the edges of each display.

You can pick up Arrange in the AppSumo Productivity bundle for only $15. You also get other great productivity apps including TaskPaper, Vitamin-R, and Backblaze Online Backup. Purchased individually, these apps would normally cost $66!


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