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Rumors Of MacBook Pro Refresh In March Gaining Strength

Rumors Of MacBook Pro Refresh In March Gaining Strength

With more and more sites claiming that a MacBook Pro refresh will occur some time in March, with many sites claiming either March 1st or Early March, it seems unlikely that they are all wrong.  In fact, when so many rumors from various sources agree, it starts to look more and more like a controlled leak – almost as if Apple wants the info out there, so we can limber up our wallets for the occasion.

Indeed, with all the rumors about Apple ramping up production, supply constraints on old models, Intel’s shipping of Sandy Bridge chipsets and so forth, I’d be shocked if the update happened any other time BUT march.  More important, though, is your opinion.  Do you think the update will occur in March?  What changes will we see in the new line of MacBooks (Yes, we wrote an article yesterday, over which much discussion ensued, but that information should be regarded as speculation until you see it happen with your own eyes).  Will you be buying one?

Sound off in the comments!

  1. techjunkiereview says:

    The refresh will probably come in march, but there's also the chance that all the blogs out there are getting their info from the same couple sources.

  2. @semartin says:

    I'm waiting for Lion

  3. adobedj says:

    New MBP's couldn't come at a more perfect time for me. I just sold my original unibody base model (3yrs old) on ebay for $1575(!) which is conveniently enough to get the new 15" with the rumored pricing! Bring. em. on. And SSD startup disk > Optical drive by a long shot.

  4. @Brunte says:

    is this release date for US only? Or are macbook pro's release-date the same in europe?

  5. Paul T. says:

    I'm ready. Just sold my unibody macbook and I have a bunch of LQMT stock to ride the potential wave. I'll be buying an LMQT based 13" or 15" Sandy Bridge.

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