Apple Adds AirPlay Category To App Store

Apple Adds AirPlay Category To App Store

Apple’s fantastic new AirPlay streaming technology now officially features its very own section in the App Store, recognizing the apps that have integrated an AirPlay-based feature. AirPlay is Apple’s technology used to push content from an iOS device to an AppleTV, enabling larger-screen content.

The latest update to iOS (4.3) brought users a slew of new features including Airplay support for mobile Safari, improved sharing using “home sharing” and personal hotspots on the iPhone, a feature that now enables users to share connections with additional devices over Wi-Fi.

For developers, 4.3 meant access to AirPlay’s API (application programming interface), allowing devs to utilize the features of Apple’s technology. Vevo, Discovery Channel HD, ESPN the Magazine and Golfplan with Paul Azinger are a few of the apps that have been posted to the new category that currently features 11 apps.

If you’d like to check out the collection of the apps able to throw media from your iOS devices to your Apple TV, you can head over to the app store.