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How To Float Apps Above Other Apps

How To Float Apps Above Other Apps

Float Apps Mac OS X

I love floating. Floating apps, I mean.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, floating an app is where you can choose to keep a specific app on top of other apps. A floated app will always overlay apps that are underneath it.

I use Afloat to float various apps above others (free app!).

Why would you want to float apps?

– You might want to browse the web and keep QuickTime open & visible at all times because you are watching a movie while browsing the web.

– Floating an app may help you organize your apps and improve your productivity.

– Or you want to keep your Instant Messenger, Twitter, or Email open and visible at all times while you work within other apps.

After installing AFloat you will notice the addition of 5 new menu items below the Window menu item of your active app. Choosing “Keep AFloat” will keep that window above all other apps. There is also an option to make the app transparent (you can select your levels of transparency on a per app basis). The transparent option is great if you have limited screen real estate or if you want to “dim” an app.

Check out the below image of a transparent and floated Tweetie.app over Safari. You can clearly see MacTrast’s Facebook profile below Tweetie. When I click into Tweetie.app, the transparency disappears and the app becomes opaque again.
Float Twitter App Above Other Apps

You will need to reboot your Mac for the features of this app to properly kick in.

Download Afloat now!