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140 Million Angry Birds & Counting

140 Million Angry Birds & Counting

Angry BirdsAngry Birds, that fledgling & addictive game that you either love or loathe, has hit 140 million downloads. In March, Rovio reported that their game had been downloaded 100 million times.

That’s a 40% increase in less than a month!

In an interview with PC Advisor, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka said that Angry Birds success is largely down to the manner in which they marketed the app. During a 7 year period, Roxio pumped out approximately 51 other games before soaring high with Angry Birds. Vesterbacka puts it down to the merchandising they released to supplement the release of the game and their investment in running a Super Bowl advertising campaign.

Rovio next wants to crack the Chinese market and aims to reach 100 million downloads of Angry Birds before the end of the year. China is home to approximately 889 million mobile phone users according to China’s Ministry of Industry & Information Technology.

That’s a lot of feathers waiting to be ruffled!