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Fake Kernel Panic Is The Ultimate Prank

Fake Kernel Panic Is The Ultimate Prank

Ever wanted to prank your seeming un-prankable buddy or co-worker? As long as he or she uses a Mac, we’ve got a great way to get under their skin – a fake kernel panic! Watch closely and try to avoid laughing out loud as that mixed expression of horror and desperation crosses their face.

Note: This is only for the truly insidious pranksters among you. iPanic is a free app that perfectly imitates a kernel panic, complete with slow screen draw and loss of external controls. You can either launch the app on their computer directly, or set it to a timed release by editing a .plist file. You can even use this as a startup program!

Once you’ve had your fun, simply using Command+Q will exit the program and restore function.

iPanic is open source and a free download from the developer.

Via OSXDaily


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