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Google Adds Chromebox Desktop to Chrome OS Hardware Lineup

Chromebox mini desktop with Chrome OS

Google is on a roll at this week’s I/O Conference. In addition to the two Chromebooks, the company announced the Samsung Chromebox mini desktop system earlier today.

Little is known about the mini desktop system other than it looks suspiciously like a Mac Mini. My favorite comment at This is my next…

It’s as if Samsung realized they were already being sued by Apple and thought “screw it, we’ll just make a more blatant copy.”

This was a reference to the back and forth lawsuits between Apple and Samsung for intellectual property violations.

Chromebox will presumably run Chrome OS and is aimed primarily at the enterprise market. No release date or specs were given.

via This is my next…

  1. Why does it look like a MacMini ? It looks like every other Mini-Itx case that has been released for the last 5 years. The MacMini is sleek & stylish, this just needs a few stickers on the front to look like a Windows box 🙂

  2. Thomas Whittle says:

    It looks like it has the same external antenna as the iPhone 4

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