Guinness World Records Go To iP4, App Store & iOS Games

Guinness World Records Go To iP4, App Store & iOS Games

Guinness World Records have been dishing out the honours to Apple devices and services. The iPhone 4 was named the fastest selling portable gaming system on release when it sold a whopping 1.5m units in the first day compared to the previous holder, Nintendo’s DS at 500K over one week. Gaz Deaves (Guinness World Records gaming editor) was quoted as saying “The release of the iPhone 4 has not just changed the mobile industry, but the video game world too”.

The App Store was awarded the record for being the most popular application marketplace following more than 6.5 billion downloads since in launch in July 2008. It says the App Store as of September last year had 37,000 games compared to Steams 1110, Xbox Live Arcade at 1300 and Wii’s Virtual Console at 580. The App Store also got honours for having the most titles available at launch with 145 to choose from.

Of course you can’t write an article about iPhone awards without mentioning those pesky birds again, which got an award for being at the top of the paid apps list in the most countries after selling more than 6.5 million since launch in December ’09. Plants Vs Zombies got the fastest selling iphone/ipod strategy game with 300K in nine days. Finally the last gong went to Pop Cap’s Tap Tap for most popular game series after more than 15 million downloads.

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