How Does iPhone 4’s Noise Cancellation Work?

Audience low power audio signal processor.pngKnown for their painstaking deconstruction of gadgets, iFixit has discovered the technology behind the iPhone 4’s stellar noise-cancellation technology.

When iFixit first dissected an iPhone 4 last year to reveal its inner beauty, they discovered the phone contains two microphones that are “used to cut out ambient noise and improve sound quality.” However, they were unsure of the origins of the voice processor that powers the noise-cancellation feature. Now thanks to Chipworks who was recently able to de-cap the white label processor, we now know the manufacturer is Audience.

The same chip is also used in the HTC-manufactured Google Nexus One which also has excellent noise-canceling abilities. iFixit has tested several phones and claims that the iPhone 4 outperforms “every non-Audience powered cell phone we’ve tried.” Check out the demo to see an audio quality comparison.

via iFixit