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Maglus Magnetic iPad Stylus and Miniot Wood iPad 2 Cover – A Match Made in Heaven

Maglus and MiniotTake the gorgeous wood Miniot Cover for iPad 2 and pair it with the forthcoming Maglus magnetic iPad 2 stylus and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Andy Shaw, from Irish startup Applydea, finally received his Miniot Cover more than a month after ordering (apparently it’s popular) and the first thing he did was show off his Maglus latched to the cover. The Maglus and Miniot both utilize the built-in iPad 2 magnets and consequently work with each other as well. Andy took some great shots of his prototype Maglus in use with the gorgeous wood Miniot.

Maglus is a startup project on Fund it, a crowd-funding site based in Ireland. The company is currently at 36% to their goal with 18 days remaining. They are offering a great prize if you help make their idea a reality. A pledge of €15 (about $22) will get you a Maglus, shipped anywhere in the world for no additional postage charge. Once these magnetic styli go on sale, they will sell for €25 so this is a great opportunity to help a startup get off the ground and receive a magnetic iPad stylus for your wood Miniot or Smart Cover.

Pledge here

Click either image to view the Maglus photo gallery on Applydea’s Facebook.

Maglus and Miniot rolled back.jpg


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