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SwingPong For iOS: It’s Ping Pong For Your Ears!

SwingPong For iOS: It’s Ping Pong For Your Ears!

Looking for a fun (and very, very different) new game for your iPhone or iPod Touch? Try Swing Pong. The free game is a ping pong variant that is audio based, relying on timing between sounds and the motion of your iPhone to hit the ball – or miss it!

Swing Pong Lite has both single and multiplayer elements, but the central part of the game is listening, and swinging your phone at the right time. Once you hear the ball bounce on your side of the table, its time to judge your swing and hit the ball back over to the “other side.”

This is an interesting take on Ping Pong, and promises to be a fun change of pase from your every day ordinary ping pong. It also has an awesome sound track. Check out the video below to get a feel for how it works.

Swing pong comes in two version, a free “lite” version (App Store Link), and a full version coming in at a whopping $0.99 (App Store Link). Try it now! Plug in the ‘phones or turn up the speaker and get ready to Swing Pong for all you’re worth.



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