Adobe’s New PhotoShop Touch Apps On Sale, Each Under $3!

Adobe’s New PhotoShop Touch Apps On Sale, Each Under $3!

Earlier, we wrote about Adobe’s brand new PhotoShop Touch iPad apps, called Eazel, Color Lava, and Nav. Each provides an interesting interaction between your iPad and a Mac running Photoshop CS5, and each is on sale for a much reduced price!

The apps do a variety of things – Eazel ($2.99, App Store Link) bring users the ability to draw images on their iPad on a touch-canvas, and then wirelessly transfer them to Photoshop CS5; Color Lava ($2.99, App Store Link) lets you blend colors, create your own custom color mixes and patterns, and import them into Photoshop CS5 for desktop use, and Nav ($1.99, App Store Link), the simplest of the three apps, simply allows you to control Photoshop’s various brushes and tools from the iPad, essentially acting as an extension of Photoshop’s vast sidebar.

Again, the apps do require Photoshop CS5, but if you’ve been looking to save some cash, now’s your time to jump – right now you can have then all for just $8 all together. I’d jump on this if I were you.

For more info on each app, take a look at our original article.

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