Apple Is Now Richer Than The US Government!

Apple Is Now Richer Than The US Government!

While I was already aware that Apple’s $76 billion in cash made them a fairly big player, it was only recently that I realized just how big. According to a new report, Apple’s massive cash balance exceeds the United States’ entire operating balance.

While the phrase “richer than a small country” has crossed my mind before when pondering Apple and their financial success, I never imaging that they were actually richer than the world’s largest sovereign nation!

Congratulations, Steve Jobs – now will you please just buy the United States and turn it into the Nation of Steve?

  1. Sulaiman Butiban says:


  2. JAMES KERWIN says:


  3. Nashitf says:

    Let us divide all the wealth among the poor staggering to make both ends meet even in a most developed county like the USA. What if we strive to create social justice in the most advanced country of the world………………..

  4. oktommyboy says:

    Perfect example of why the government cannot run a business or our lives successfully.  Leave it to people who know how to run businesses, not people who are in it for padding their pockets and the pockets of their friends.

  5. That’s amazing how Apple has that much money. 

  6. DontStartOnPolitics says:

    You should never run a governmentblike a business. You should run it like s temporary, emergency, part-time job.

  7. AndyRusty says:

    Shows that a small group of leaders with a good team under them can do alot more, alot quicker, alot better than a mass of leaders.
    If more big business and governments around the world were run like Apple the world would be a much better place.Go Apple

  8. Yjairo17 says:

    From now on wouldn’t just New York, all states in United States would be named The Big Apple…hahahaha

  9. Imran says:

    amazing, really great news for Apple and US GOVT

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