Apple To Build 5 Million iPad 2s In July

Apple To Build 5 Million iPad 2s In July

We’ve known for some time that supplies of Apple’s iPad 2 have been quite constrained – even now, months after the official launch, shipping times are still set at 1-2 weeks. Apple may be aggressively attempting to turn that around, however, by building 5 million iPad 2s this month.

The new report comes to use from DigiTimes, who suggest that Apple’s supply chain indicates that they’ll be shipping 5 million iPad 2 units during July. The company has reportedly already placed orders for the 5 million touch sensors necessary to build the units.

Shipments for June were also near 5 million units, suggesting that Apple is swiftly correcting issues with their supply chain, and is on a serious iPad 2 supply rebound. It also indicates that there is still a very healthy demand for the iPad 2.


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