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Apple “Delays” 2011 iPad 3 Release To Spring 2012

Apple “Delays” 2011 iPad 3 Release To Spring 2012

Despite the fact that Apple never claimed to be releasing a third-generation iPad this year, trade publication DigiTimes nevertheless reports that Apple has delayed the 2011 launch of the iPad 3 due to lack of available Retina displays, and that the device will be launching this spring.

Many rumors have suggested an iPad 2 Pro or iPad 2 HD might be released this fall, but none of those reports have been particularly credible, especially considering that Apple has only recently caught up to consumer demand for the iPad 2. Further, the report claims that Apple is planning to produce 28-30 million iPad 2 units instead of releasing an iPad 3.

Personally, I very much doubt that Apple “cancelled” or “postponed” the 2011 release of the iPad 3, or even of the iPad 2 or iPad 2.5. Why? Mainly because I don’t believe Apple ever intended to release another iPad in 2012. We recently covered a report from Digitimes themselves indicating that suitable Retina displays for the iPad wouldn’t be ready until sometime next year, making it curious that they choose to report this as a “delay”, when Apple would presumably have been aware of this well in advance.

DigiTimes new report also adds some additional credibility to rumors from last week claiming that the iPad 3 will be released “early next year” and that the iPhone 5 would launch on October 7th. At any rate, lets hope this puts a stop to the idiotic rumors of an iPad release occurring this fall.