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Apple’s Thunderbolt Is Already A Hit, Even With So Few Devices

Apple’s Thunderbolt Is Already A Hit, Even With So Few Devices

Many have wondered whether Apple’s new Thunderbolt I/O technology would ever really take off, considering that it only works with a small number of expensive devices, but shipping times at the Apple Online Store indicate that Thunderbolt is a real hit with Apple customers.

So far, the only Thunderbolt peripherals that are actually available are a few high-end storage devices, like the Pegasus R4 and R6, and the Apple Thunderbolt Display. Nevertheless, a current 3-5 week lead time for Thunderbolt storage products and a 2-3 week lead time for Thunderbolt displays suggests that customers are purchasing Thunderbolt products in a serious way.

What’s more, though, is that Thunderbolt is just another I/O standard like USB – it’s something significantly different than consumer products have ever had before, featuring the ability to power devices that would normally have to be connected to a PCI bus, and the ability to daisy-chain numerous products together without affecting performance.

Despite early criticisms of Thunderbolt, it seems like it’s already off to a good start – and things will only get better once additional manufacturers begin rolling out Thunderbolt-enabled products to consumers and professionals alike.

  1. Gus1 says:

    I call bollocks – TB is onlyi a hit because it’s shipping on every Mac except Mac Pros. People aren’t buying Macs because they have or want to buy TB peripherals – they would have bought just as many Macs now if TB didn’t exist.

    1. QU477R0 says:

      I would have purchased the new MBP with or without the port, however I am excited for the possibilities with Thunderbolt, hopefully coming soon to my iPhone & iPod

    2. Phil_d525 says:

      If you read the article CAREFULLY, it doesn’t mention sales of thunderbolt-equipped macbooks. Instead it is counting how many TB peripherals are being bought and pre-ordered. Buying a new mac doesn’t force you to get TB hard drives or displays, since USB and Firewire are still there, but the fact that people are after those products would suggest consumer confidence in the new faster standard.

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