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Foxconn Bringing On 1 Million Robots To Replace Workers

Foxconn Bringing On 1 Million Robots To Replace Workers

According to a statement by Foxconn founder and chairman Terry Gou, the company, which produces iPhone and iPad components, will be replacing an un-named number of workers with one million robots in three years.

Foxconn is an Asian manufacturer that frequently contracts with Apple and other tech companies to provide components and assembly services. Notably, Foxconn has provided products and services relating to the iPhone and iPad.

The report continues to say that the company already has 10,000 such robots, and plans to have 300,000 robots by this time new year, leading up to a total of one million robots of three years. The robots will reportedly be used for basic tasks such as spraying, welding, and assembply.

Foxconn currently employs about 1.2 million people, meaning that the robots could potentially have a significant impact on China’s employment levels. On an related note, wouldn’t this mean that most of Apple’s iPhones and iPads will now be built by androids?


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