Report: iPhone 5 To Launch In October, Not September

Report: iPhone 5 To Launch In October, Not September

Despite the plethora of rumors that have been suggesting a September release for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, a new report from AllThingsD is suggesting that Apple’s next-gen iPhone will not arrive until October.

While I’d normally chalk this one up to just another rumor, AllThingsD is typically very well informed when it comes to these matters, and has an excellent track record for accuracy.

AllThingsD’s source, when asked when the launch might be expected, said that the launch would occur in October, but did not provide a firm date. While this stands against the many rumors of a September release, such rumors have not have been entirely baseless, as its entirely possible that the iPhone 5 will be announced in September for an October launch.

While disappointing, this news really only entails a few weeks longer of a wait than many had been anticipating, and personally, I’d rather have Apple hold a later launch and be better prepared for the demand than to release the unit earlier and have problems on launch day.

Personally, no matter when the iPhone 5 is released, I believe it will be worth the wait.