Google Releases Chrome 14 With Full OS X Lion Support

Google Releases Chrome 14 With Full OS X Lion Support

Google finished out the week by issuing the final release of Chrome 14, finally bringing full support for Mac OS X Lion, including Lion’s animations, full-screen app mode and invisible scroll bars. The release also fixes bugs and addresses crashing issues in previous versions.

Chrome 14 also brings access to Native Client, a new way of integrating native code into web apps, allowing apps written in C or C++ to run, have access to your computer’s hardware, but remain sandboxed from the rest of the OS, allowing games and other rich apps to run at full speed over the web without presenting security risks.

The update is being rolled out to Mac, Linux, and Windows clients simultaneously, and the new Native Client technology only works with web apps obtained through the Chrome Web Store, although it will eventually expand into further avenues.

The update can be applied now through the “About Google Chrome” menu option. Check out the official release announcement for more information.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh that NaCI thing is most certainly interesting… Demoing my game on the web would be great.

  2. One finger swipe gesture to perform page forward and back seems to be lacking.

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