iPhone 5 Lines Already Beginning To Form

iPhone 5 Lines Already Beginning To Form

It appears that some people who are desperate to be the first to buy Apple’s next iPhone are already lining up in front of the Apple store to make sure they aren’t left out.

The pictures above and below, posted on the ZAGG blog, were taken by an employee at one of the shops near the Gateway Apple Store in Salt Lake City, Utah. Personally, It seems a bit too early for people to be forming lines in front of the Apple Store, and it’s possible that the camper is just doing it for publicity.

What do you think? Too early? When do you plan on lining up?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Camping out for three weeks to buy a cellphone? Do people not have jobs anymore?

    1. joe says:

      they actually probably don’t in today’s economy. but then it brings up another question. how the hell are they affording a new phone?

  2. these people.. unemployed?

  3. Lfddrummer3 says:

    Don’t these losers have jobs? I mean how the hell are they going to afford the hottest, latest gadget if they aren’t working for nearly 3 weeks because they’re sitting in front of the store waiting for it? Just pre-order it the minute that it’s available you stupid idiots.

  4. Voice of Reason says:

    Lining up for a gadget that is NOT confirmed but only speculated to be coming out is bloody senseless. Get a life is all I can say to that guy.

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