Video Showdown: iOS 5 vs Windows 8

Video Showdown: iOS 5 vs Windows 8

The folks over at Winrumors have just posted a remarkably thorough comparison between an iPad 2 running iOS 5 and a Windows 8 Slate device. The video is exhaustively detailed, and goes almost every feature between the two devices.

Of course, it’s rather premature to produce a comparison of any kind at this point, since neither operating system has been publicly released and Windows 8 isn’t due out for at least another year (and thus has incomplete features). Still, however, it’s intriguing to watch. Check out the full 11-minute video below.

  1. Org_l says:

    OMG! English is not my native language, but I managed to recognize the freaky Japanese accent. And it’s unbearable to listen to. UNBEARABLE!

    1. Kevin Sundar Raj says:

      *british accent

  2. beavisfreak says:

    I’m an Apple fan myself, but I’m thoroughly impressed with this Windows tablet.  The only thing I’d have a problem with is the Slate’s home screen; it’s just a little too busy for my tastes.  I might be inclined to buy this tablet if it’s cheaper than an iPad.

  3. Pinky Lam says:

    I’ve always liked Apple’s UI, MacOS or iOS, and think that they always make a better one. Seeing win8 side by side with iOS5 it actually wins me over. Probably because iOS is like 5 years old and still haven’t changed a bit (much). But of course, when it comes down to actually usage, it’s too early to tell.

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