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BlueLounge’s Refresh: A Cost Effective Charging Station For All Of Your Devices!

BlueLounge’s Refresh: A Cost Effective Charging Station For All Of Your Devices!

We’ve got a lot of different devices scattered about the house, whether they’re old iPods, iPhones, tablets and other smart-phones, it’s always a hassle to find the correct charger and plug them in. Wouldn’t it be so much better if there was just a place to go to which had all the cables necessary to juice up your device? Well luckily BlueLounge has just brought out a brilliant, cost effective way of doing just that!


The Refresh looks beautiful anywhere, like many of BlueLounge’s products. It’s sturdy, attractive and pretty portable as well. It’s also not a hassle to access your cables either, they’re not tucked and hidden away behind a piece of plastic that’s incredibly difficult to move, instead the piece of plastic is attached to the base by magnets. This makes it easy just to pull back the plastic, thread through the necessary cables and you’re ready to charge!

The Refresh comes with a set of preset leads, as you can see above, these are:

  • Two iPod/iPhone leads
  • Micro USB lead
  • and a BlackBerry lead

It also comes with 2 USB sockets so you can plug in the USB lead that came with your device. However, even if your device doesn’t come with ¬†USB lead there are plenty of extra cables available to buy straight from BlueLounge’s website!


The Refresh is great for charging 2-3 devices at a time, however as it only runs from a single 13v adaptor, anymore than 3 is pushing it. Saying that though, if you only want to charge your iPod alongside your iPhone without having to change the single cable every so often, I couldn’t recommend this charging station more. One thing to note is that you won’t be able to charge your iPad very well with this device, it just isn’t designed for that sort of device.


BlueLounge’s Refresh is one of the best charging stations I’ve used. It’s cheap, portable, well made and it will charge multiple devices well. The only thing letting it down is its inability to charge larger devices such as the iPad well. You can’t go wrong for only $90.

I am going to give the Refresh an impressive 4/5!

You can pick up the Refresh from here.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Supports over 1000 devices.
  • USB leads adds even more expandability to your station.
  • Magnetic plastic layer makes it easy to access your cables.
  • Charges multiple devices well.
  • De-clutters your desk.
  • Won’t charge larger devices such as an iPad well.